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Do you belong to an alternative fashion subculture? Have you always had issues finding clothes that express you? Heart Shaped Box is an eccentric and niche clothing brand/ fashion retailer focused around alternative dress and expression. We are ones who wish to stand out amongst the crowd and we understand others like you who do too!

Gothic Chain Rings Set Gothic Skull Ring Spike Choker Necklace Layered Grunge Aesthetic Chain Necklace Vintage Nordic Ring

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Our assortment of affordable yet stylish and elegant Goth, Grunge, emo, punk jewelry.

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Testimonials Of Our Satisfied Customers

It’s literally so cute. 😂😂 I love it. Takes a wash or two to get out the excess lint on the inside though. Then it’s perfect!

Heather Inda

The design is really nice. It was one of my daughter’s favourite birthday gifts clothing wise! She got alot of expensive clothes but this hat was what caught her attention.

Rachel Loth

Got it for my boyfriend and he really likes it since he says it now reminds him of me. I end up wearing it too.


The print is really well done. Seems long lasting and the shirt itself is comfy and a nice texture. Love it.